Azuki latte in a glass cup next to the window

Dreamy Creamy Azuki Latte

This creamy and caffeinated hot drink could be the best latte you have ever had! It’s a great drink to whip up  on a Sunday mornings and sip on while relaxing.

Dreamy Creamy Azuki lattes are super easy to make.  This sweet drink blends espresso, sweet azuki beans and vanilla and then is topped with steamed milk and some fresh mint. Served with a pastry or doughnut it is a sweet way to start your week.

Azuki beans, which can also be spelled “Adzuki” have been a part of Japanese culture for centuries.  There are many events and festivals where Azuki beans are part of the event.  Azuki is also used to make Anko, Japanese sweet bean paste.  Anko is a key ingredient in many Japanese treats and desserts.  Check out my blog to learn more about it.

You will need a blender to make this dreamy creamy drink, I use an immersion blender and blend it in the espresso pitcher.  When making this latte time is of the essence -the anko will cool the latte so it’s important not to waste any time.

Japanese coarse bean paste in a white bowl sitting on a wood table. There is a wood spoon in the background.
Japanese tsubu-an, Coarse Red Bean Paste

There are two type of anko bean paste tsubu-an is chunky and koshi-an is smooth.  Either can be used when using a blender, but if you don’t have a blender and are anxious to give this recipe a try, use the koshi-an and use a spoon to stir it into the drink until the paste is totally dissolved.

(Published in August 2021, Updated November 2022).

Dreamy Creamy Azuki Latte

You will need an immersion blender or an espresso machine to whip this up perfectly. You will also need a milk frother if you don’t have an espresso machine with a frothing wand. The beans are already sweetened so for those who like it sweet, there is no need to add any additional sweeteners to this drink.

5 Minutes N/A 2 6oz Cups
PREP 5 Minutes
YIELD 2 6oz Cups
Azuki latte in a glass cup next to the window


  • 1 TBSP tsubu-an or koshi-an (prepared azuki beans) – warmed to room temperature
  • 1/2 cup hot espresso (100 ml)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup whole milk (150 ml)
  • Fresh mint leaf (optional)


  • Blend: whip the bean paste, vanilla extract and hot espresso together using an immersion blender.
  • Pour: pour the mixture into two 6oz cups.
  • Steam: steam the milk. Froth to your preference using an espresso maker or a handheld milk frother. Pour equally into the two cups.
A handheld milk frother is being used in a glass cup to make foam.
A handheld Milk Frother will make it easy to froth your milk in no time!
  • Serve: top with a mint leaf and serve.


  • Tsubu-an and Koshi-an are two types of anko.  Tsubu-an is coarse sweet bean paste and koshi-an is the smooth version. Anko is used in many Japanese desserts and pastries. It can be purchased at an Asian grocery or online, or you can easily make your own using dry azuki beans.
  • Soy milk, Almond Milk or low-fat milk can be used in place of whole milk.
  • You can, indeed, froth milk with an immersion blender.  It takes a little extra work though.  Check out the helpful video below:


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