Tuna, Salmon and Scallop Sashimi prepared and served with Soy Sauce, Wasabi and Sushi gari on the side

Mixed Sashimi

Mixed sashimi makes a delicious and a beautiful authentic Japanese meal.
Close up of Hearts of Palm Salad

Hearts of Palm Salad

Hearts of Palm Salad is made from heart of palm, a vegetable harvested from the bud of a growing palm tree.  This is very similar…
Goma tofu topped with Scallions, Myoga and sesame seeds on a shiso leaf

Goma Tofu

Goma tofu, also known as sesame tofu or kurogoma tofu, is a unique variation of tofu that is popular in Japanese cuisine. Unlike traditional soybean…
Miso soup ready to eat in a Japanese bowl with chopsticks

Miso Soup

Miso Soup is probably the most well known dish in Japan.  Everybody has heard of it and most people have tasted it.  It is the…
Salmon Ikura Bento box, rice topped with salmon flakes, poached salmon and Ikura in an oval wooden box. Pickles are in the front right and back left corners of the box. There is a pack of soy sauce tucked in the side. The lid is in the background with chopsticks inside.

Salmon and Ikura Bento

Salmon and Ikura Bento boxes are a beautiful Tokyo style lunch that you can enjoy at home or on the go.  The beautiful hand made…
Savory onion soup in a serving bowl topped with croutons.

Savory Onion Soup

Savory Onion Soup is hearty, delicious, and is a popular soup in Japan.  In Japan, onion consommé is extremely popular and is sold in powdered…

Stir Fried Shishito Peppers

Stir Fried Shishito peppers are one of the most interesting and delicious appetizers that I have found in Japanese cooking. Shishitos are a very mild…
Marinated eggplant served on a plate and garnished with herbs and vegetables

Marinated Eggplant “Aemono” Style

Marinated Eggplant “Aemono” Style is known as “Nasu Aemono” in Japanese.  I have been making this dish for over 20 years now, and it is…