Azuki latte in a glass cup next to the window

Dreamy Creamy Azuki Latte

Dreamy Creamy Azuki lattes are super easy to make.  This sweet drink blends espresso, sweet azuki beans and vanilla and then is topped with steamed…
A beautiful pink smoothie in a tall metal cup with a strawberry on the rim. The cup lid is next to the drink and flowers are in the background.

Heavenly Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

On Sunday afternoon my daughters tutor comes over and helps my daughter study her Japanese Kanji.  It’s a long lesson, and so each week I…

Iced Apple and Plum Fruit Tea

Cool and refreshing, simple and sophisticated, who can say no to iced tea on a hot day?  I use my own homemade syrup for this…

Apple-Plum Fruit Syrup

Sweet and delicious fruit syrup is a simple combination of rock sugar and fruit that is let to age until the sugar melts and is…

Japanese Sweet Bean Smoothies

Japanese Sweet Bean Smoothies are delicious smoothies prepared with fruit, Japanese sweet beans, and kefir. Perfect for breakfast on the go or as a yummy…