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Mountain Plums is a site developed for people who want to experience International culture through cuisine. As a resident of Japan, many of the recipes in the site are Japanese or use Japanese ingredients.  I believe that creating a perfect dish involves blending elements so that all ingredients act in harmony to create a unique flavor, a unique beauty, and a unique aroma that brings people joy and contentment.

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Sakurajima Volcano overlooking the city of Kagoshima in Kyushu

In a Nutshell: Kyushu

Known for its long history, hot springs, porcelain, citrus fruits, and steel industries – Kyushu (九州) is versatile and extremely beautiful. As the early heart…
Flavors of Hokkaido features assorted seafood from Hokkaido

Flavors of Hokkaido

The Flavors of Hokkaido are not to be missed! The freshest seafood, mouth-watering mutton chops, crisp veggies, and the richest creams and cheeses in Japan…
A river in Hokkaidomwith houses on both side. Snow is on the ground and there are mountains in the distance.

In a Nutshell: Hokkaido

From deep, ancient forests, over high mountain tops and deep volcanic lakes, to vast, neat expanses of crops, Hokkaido seems to have it all. Let’s…

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