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Mountain Plums is a site developed for people who want to experience International culture through cuisine. As a resident of Japan, many of the recipes in the site are Japanese or use Japanese ingredients.  I believe that creating a perfect dish involves blending elements so that all ingredients act in harmony to create a unique flavor, a unique beauty, and a unique aroma that brings people joy and contentment.

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Tantanmen - spicy ramen in soup in a large bowl. Two egg halves with runny yolks, ground pork, and Menma chutes are mixed in and sesame seeds are sprinkled on top.,


Tantanmen (担々麺), is a hot and spicy ramen, similar to Dan Dan Noodles but served in soup.  Ramen noodle soups are found in a variety…

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Sanjusangendo Temple

In a Nutshell: Kyoto Locations

Anybody will have a great time in Kyoto, but it’s a shame to visit the city and not admire its millennium-old heritage. If you’re not…
Flavors of Tohoku include this colorful dish with many vegetables in a wooden steamer served on a wooden table.

Flavors of Tohoku

The Flavors of Tohoku are aromatic, sweet, and yes, sometimes quite unusual. From dramatic mountains to crystal-clear springs, Tohoku is a land of rich traditions…
A train crosses a snow covered gorge on the Tadami Railway Line

In a Nutshell: Tohoku

Tohoku: The Birthplace of Fairytales Located in the northeastern part of the main island of Japan, Tohoku is a land of rugged landscapes, natural wonders,…
Motsunabe and Tonkotsu Ramen

Flavors of Kyushu

If you want to travel somewhere you can lay back and relax in Japan, Kyushu is the place. Formed by volcanic eruptions, the land is…
Sakurajima Volcano overlooking the city of Kagoshima in Kyushu

In a Nutshell: Kyushu

Known for its long history, hot springs, porcelain, citrus fruits, and steel industries – Kyushu (九州) is versatile and extremely beautiful. As the early heart…

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