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Mountain Plums is a site developed for people who want to experience Japanese culture through cuisine. We believe that creating a perfect dish involves blending elements so that all ingredients act in harmony to create a unique flavor, a unique beauty, and a unique aroma that brings people joy and contentment.

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Cold potato soup sprinkled with chopped chives is served in a silver bowl on a wooden board. Sliced baguette and a fresh salad are next to the soup,
InternationalSoups and Sides


In Japan, French restaurants are quite popular, and vichyssoise is a well known dish.  The summer in Japan are hot and humid, and when people…

Hashed Beef and Rice

Hashed Beef and Rice, known in Japan as Hayashi Rice (ハヤシライス) is a very popular dish that is prepared at homes around the country.  …

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Sushi Part 1 – A Mouthful of Goodness

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