Okayu Japanese Rice Porridge In a bow. With plenty of toppings. A spoon is scooping up some of the porridge.

Japanese Rice Porridge (Okayu)

Japanese Rice Porridge, Okayu (お粥) is very similar to other rice porridges that are enjoyed in Asia – Congee in China, Jook in Korea, Zhou…
Salmon Ikura Bento box, rice topped with salmon flakes, poached salmon and Ikura in an oval wooden box. Pickles are in the front right and back left corners of the box. There is a pack of soy sauce tucked in the side. The lid is in the background with chopsticks inside.

Salmon and Ikura Bento

Salmon and Ikura Bento boxes are a beautiful Tokyo style lunch that you can enjoy at home or on the go.  The beautiful hand made…
Paella with chicken and olives in a hot plate being served into a ceramic bowl

Chicken and Olive Paella

Chicken and Olive Paella is one of many types of paella dishes that I love to make, but because you need a large flat pan…
Salmon Nanbantsuke is chunks of salmon marinated in a vinegar sauce topped with thin sliced pepper and onion. It’s in a metal,bowl. A succulent piece of Salmon is being held above the bowl on a fork.

Salmon Nanbanzuke

Salmon Nabanzuke is a salad or appetizer made with chunks of fish that are coated, fried and then marinated in a delicious sauce made with…
Tantanmen - spicy ramen in soup in a large bowl. Two egg halves with runny yolks, ground pork, and Menma chutes are mixed in and sesame seeds are sprinkled on top.,


Tantanmen (担々麺), is a hot and spicy ramen, similar to Dan Dan Noodles but served in soup.  Ramen noodle soups are found in a variety…
Chocolate Covered Butter Toffees arranged in a checkerboard pattern on a long plate. In the. Background is a second plate with more toffees.

Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee Squares

Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee Squares are a delicious confection that you can enjoy as a snack or a dessert.  Living in Japan, I find that…

Cheesy Bacon Tomato Dip

Looking for a crowd-pleasing snack that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight? Look no further than our Cheesy Bacon Tomato Dip. With its…

Agedashi Tofu

I first tried this amazing dish when I was living in San Diego.  I was at an Izakaya – a bar and restaurant that serves…