A Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich on a cutting board cut in half lengthways. There are 3 half sandwiches on a tray in the background

Japanese Egg Salad Sandwiches

As a lover of Japanese cuisine, I take immense pleasure in sharing my recipe for Japanese egg salad sandwiches. These delectable sandwiches are a fusion…
An Oyster Po’ Boy served on French Bread on a Slate plate with potato chips on the side

Oyster Po’ Boy

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I had my first Oyster Po’ Boy when I was in at the New Orleans Jazz Festival many years ago.  The idea of fried seafood…

Reuben Sandwich

This amazing deli sub is something that you can enjoy at home, no matter where you are.  Classic Reuben sandwiches are made with rye bread,…
A simple Japanese tuna salad sandwich on white bread. The crust is trimmed off and ithe sandwich is filled with tuna salad, cucumber and lettuce. It s served on a white plate with a side of pasta salad.

Japanese Style Sandwiches

Japanese sandwiches are much like sandwiches anywhere else, but there are a few special touches that make them uniquely delicious.  Typical sandwiches in Japan are…