Tantanmen - spicy ramen in soup in a large bowl. Two egg halves with runny yolks, ground pork, and Menma chutes are mixed in and sesame seeds are sprinkled on top.,


Tantanmen (担々麺), is a hot and spicy ramen, similar to Dan Dan Noodles but served in soup.  Ramen noodle soups are found in a variety…
Macaroni and cheese loaded with browned ground beef and melted cheese. Served in a white Japanese ceramic bowl on a paper placemat.

Beefy Macaroni and Cheese

Beefy Macaroni and Cheese is one of those comfort dishes that proves that a meal does not have to be sophisticated to be delicious.  Macaroni…


Yakisoba is soba noodles cooked together with meat, vegetables and a sweet and tangy sauce. It’s a tasty and hearty meal, popular with adults and children…

Refreshing Lemon Chicken and Harusame

This is an original and refreshing recipe that uses chicken, vegetables and harusame. Harusame, also known as rice noodles or glass noodles are sold dry.…
somen served over ice with a person dipping some of the noodles in sauce

Somen Noodles

Somen is a popular noodle dish in Japan. It is eaten cold in the summer and served with a variety of dipping sauces. The most common…