Loco Moco on a large plate with a small,dish of pineapple in the foreground.

Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a dish that is featured in contemporary Hawaiian Cuisine. Hawaiian cooking tends to be unique – fish, spam and pork are all…
A large chicken thigh coated with red barbecue spices and sliced evenly. There are leeks on the same plate. Behind it there is a cabbage salad with cherry tomatoes on top.

Oven Baked Barbecue Chicken

In Japan barbecued meats are very popular.  Yakiniku is a style of cooking where meat is grilled over a hot flame.  And Yakitori is chicken…
A tonkatsu fried pork cutlet on a black plate topped with brown sauce and some yellow mustard. Behind it is a small black bowl of shredded cabbage

Tonkatsu – Japanese Pork Cutlets

Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets) is a very popular dish in Japan.  You can find tonkatsu restaurants in almost every town where tonkatsu is the main…

Tofu Steak

Tofu steak makes an amazing meal when you want a healthy, protein rich meal. In Japan, soybeans are an essential part of the diet, and…

Oxtail Osso Buco Japanese Style

Osso Buco is traditionally an Italian dish made with veal shanks.  In Japan, veal shank is difficult to find and oxtail is much more popular.…

Karaage – Japanese Fried Chicken

Karaage is boneless Japanese chicken, marinated and then coated with potato starch and fried.  Karaage is very popular in Japan and can be found almost…

Ginger Pork

Ginger pork is known as buta shogayaki in Japanese, “buta” meaning pork, “shoga” is ginger, and “yaki” is a cooking style where you sear food…

Wasabi Barbecue Baked Spareribs

Japanese barbecue is very popular, but Japanese barbecue normally requires that you cook your food at an indoor grille at your table, which means people…