Kuzumochi on a ceramic plate topped with ground soybeans and brown sugar syrup

Kuzumochi (Arrowroot Starch Cakes)

Kuzumochi is a traditional Japanese dessert that dates back to the Edo period which began early in the 17th century. There are actually two types…
Peanut butter bars with a layer of chocolate on top, stacked on a ceramic plate

No Bake Peanut Butter Bars

No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars are so delicious and satisfying that if you keep a few of these in the freezer they will put an end…
Chocolate Covered Butter Toffees arranged in a checkerboard pattern on a long plate. In the. Background is a second plate with more toffees.

Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee Squares

Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee Squares are a delicious confection that you can enjoy as a snack or a dessert.  Living in Japan, I find that…
Annin Tofu- pudding with red goji berries and green spearmint leafs on top in a glass bowl.

Annin Tofu (Almond Tofu)

Annin Tofu is a sweet dessert that you can order in restaurants, especially Chinese restaurants, around the world.  Along with tapioca milk, it is a…
Honey-Sesame Ricecakes in a ceramic bowl on a wood serving tray on oriental paper

Honey-Sesame Topokki

Honey-Sesame Topokki feature a type of rice cake  known as topokki in Japan or tteok in Korea.  These cylindrical shaped rice cakes are made from…

Cacao Almonds

Cacao and almonds are the two stars of this delicious and nutritious treat.  Cacao powder, unlike cocoa, is a nutritious superfood which is made by…

Matcha Green Tea Cookies

Celebrate the holidays with sweet and buttery matcha green tea cookies. These cookies have a soft and cakey texture and are topped off with confectionery…

Matcha Balls

These nutritious and delicious treats are made with cashews, dates, almond butter and matcha.  They are loaded with protein and are a great way to…

Japanese Coffee Lovers Pudding

This delicious old-fashioned creamy pudding is made with real coffee and sweetened with brown sugar.  The pudding takes on the flavor of the coffee that…