Slow Cooker Chicken and Pork Terrine Sliced into three thin slices to—Ed with finely chopped scallions in a small wooden cutting board.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Pork Terrine

Slow Cooker Chicken and Pork Terrine is easy to make, but like other terrines it needs time to rest and reabsorb the juices before serving…
Chicken and Root Vegetable Nimono Served on a wooden bowl which is sitting on a wooden tray. There are decorative wooden chopsticks to the right.

Chicken and Root Vegetable Nimono

Chicken and Root Vegetable Nimono is a dish that is very common in Japan.  It’s often found as a side dish on Japanese bento boxes,…
Marinated Basil Chicken on a bed of spaghetti on a ceramic plate. There is a salad and a cup of tea behind it.

Marinated Basil Chicken

Marinated Basil Chicken is one of those meals that I could eat once a week. This tender chicken can be under in so many ways…
Chicken loaf with some thin slices cut on a slate plate

Gourmet Chicken Loaf

Gourmet chicken loaf is an old fashioned meat loaf that can be enjoyed hot or cold.  When served hot, try it with some piping hot…
Chicken Nanban on a bed of lettuce on a plate with flowers in the background

Chicken Nanban

Chicken Nanban is a dish that features succulent boneless fried chicken, marinated in a sweet and tangy “nanban” sauce, and then topped with homemade Japanese…
Chicken and Daikon Radish stew served in a Japanese ceramic bowl with a bowl of fresh edamame in the background.

Chicken and Daikon Radish Stew

Chicken and Radish Stew, known in Japanese as Soboro Daikon (そぼろ大根) is made with white daikon radish and ground chicken. Daikon is a vegetable used…

Chicken Tofu Burgers

Chicken and Tofu burgers is a dish that a friend of mine from Japan taught me how to make many years ago.  We had gone…

Chicken and Bacon Terrine

Turn your dining room into a French Restaurant when you bring out this elegant gourmet Chicken and Bacon Terrine appetizer as the star of your…