Four Harumaki Soring Rolls topped with a sprig of coriander. There is some mustard and soy sauce in a condiment dish.

Harumaki Spring Rolls

Harumaki Spring Rolls: A Delightful Fusion of Flavors and Crispy Goodness Harumaki (春巻き), also known as Japanese spring rolls, are a popular dish that combines…
A mini scotch egg sliced in two. The sausage is in a layer surrounding the egg. Both halves are egg side up on a plate.

Mini Scotch Eggs

Mini Scotch Eggs  present a unique twist on the classic Scotch eggs, featuring quail eggs and mild Italian sausage. These mini Scotch eggs are not…
Four types of Sunomono in bow;s


Sunomono is a traditional Japanese dish made with vegetables, usually cucumbers, soaked in vinegar.  Vinegar is used in many Japanese dishes including tsukemono pickles and…
Homestyle Deviled ham on a tray with toast points

Homestyle Deviled Ham

Homestyle Deviled Ham tastes much better than what you buy in the can, and it is free of nitrates and other adders so it is…
Smokey Marinated Oysters on a round wooden cutting board over a lettuce leaf

Smoky Marinated Oysters

Smoky Marinated Oysters, Kaki Kunsei Aemono (牡蠣燻製和物) in Japanese, are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed as an appetizer or as a yummy small…
Tofu Skin Rolls in Sweet Chili Sauce- 2 rolls in a ceramic bowl,covered with chili sauce

Dim Sum Style Tofu Skin Rolls

Dim Sum Style Tofu Skin Rolls are one of my favorite dishes to prepare. It takes a little work, but the sweet and savory taste…
Marinated eggplant served on a plate and garnished with herbs and vegetables

Marinated Eggplant “Aemono” Style

Marinated Eggplant “Aemono” Style is known as “Nasu Aemono” in Japanese.  I have been making this dish for over 20 years now, and it is…

Scallop and Fish Terrine

Scallop and Fish Terrine is a two layer fish loaf that uses scallop as a binding ingredient.  I really enjoy making terrine with different types…

Japanese Cucumber Salad

Japanese Cucumber salad is an easy way to turn a cucumber into a salad that your entire family will enjoy.  The taste and texture of…