An Oyster Po’ Boy served on French Bread on a Slate plate with potato chips on the side

Oyster Po’ Boy

If you like oysters, then you have to try this Cajun style submarine sandwich loaded with plenty of plump and crispy fried oysters on a bed of lettuce, topped with juicy red tomatoes, and slathered with tasty tartar sauce.

I had my first Oyster Po’ Boy when I was in at the New Orleans Jazz Festival many years ago.  The idea of fried seafood on a sandwich was not very appealing to me, but when I got a taste of my first Po’ Boy I was hooked for life.  If you like Oysters, then you have to try an Oyster Po’ Boy.  A Po’ Boy is a New Orleans Tradition, a submarine sandwich served on French Bread, and loaded with a protein.  The most popular types of Po’ Boys use Roast Beef and are served with gravy as a dip.  Fried Oyster or Fried Shrimp Po’ Biys are also popular, but other types of Po’ Boys can be made with Ham, Turkey, or blackened fish.

I l usually prepare Po’ Boys for picnics, parties, or a day at the beach.  Living in Japan, Po’ Boys are a great alternative to other types of sandwiches and can be made with Japanese butter rolls if no French Bread is available. They are easy to make and can be wrapped up and eaten later.  You can also add cheese, pickles or other fixings to suit your taste.  I like to always bring some fresh lemon along and squeeze it over the oysters before digging in.  Uneaten Po’ Boys can be refrigerated and then headed back up later in the microwave or just eaten cold.

Oyster Po’ Boys are usually dressed with fresh lemon and tartar sauce, mayonnaise, or French dressing.  But of course, for an authentic Cajun kick be sure to add some hot sauce to get just the right flavor.  I usually go with Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce or Franks Cayenne Pepper Sauce on Seafood.

Try my delicious recipe for Southern Fried Oysters for an authentic and delicious Po’ Boy sandwich!

Oyster Po’ Boy

This Po’ Boy Submarine Sandwich is the perfect way to serve up a helping of deep fried seafood.  For best results serve the sandwich up while the oysters are still hot and use a delicious French roll that is soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside.  Make sure that you have some Hot Sauce to dress it up with.

5 minutes 1 12” or 2 6” subs
PREP 5 minutes
YIELD 1 12” or 2 6” subs
An Oyster Po’ Boy served on French Bread on a Slate plate with potato chips on the side



  • Slice the roll lengthwise and open up.  Spread the tartar sauce liberally on both sides.

  • Line up the oysters on one side of the roll.  Lay out the tomato and lettuce on the other side.

  • Broil for 5 minutes to heat the oysters and crisp the bun (optional).  Serve.  Add hot sauce and/or fresh lemon to taste.


  • Top your Po’ Boy with your favorite hot sauce to give it a kick!
  • Not an Oyster fan?  Try a fried shrimp Po’ Boy instead.  Southern Fried Shrimp can be found in the same recipe as above.


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