Iced Apple and Plum Fruit Tea

This fruity and refreshing iced tea made with home made apple plum syrup, Black tea, and topped with fresh spearment. This drink is perfect on a hot day. This fruity iced tea can be served with afternoon tea.

Cool and refreshing, simple and sophisticated, who can say no to iced tea on a hot day?  I use my own homemade syrup for this recipe which is also incredibly easy to make.

Iced Apple and Plum Fruit Tea (リンゴと梅のフルーツティー)

This is refreshing iced tea made with homemade fruit syrup.  Fruit syrups can be made at home or purchased at the store.  You can brew your favorite black or herb tea, pour over ice and add syrup for a simple, sophisticated, and refreshing iced tea.

3 Minutes N/A 1 Cup
PREP 3 Minutes


  • 1 tsp Apple-Plum Fruit Syrup
  • 1/2 cup brewed black tea (100 ml)
  • Ice cubes
  • Spearmint leaf (optional)


  • Mix syrup and tea together in an iced tea glass. Add ice and top with fresh spearmint.


  • Half the fun of this recipe is making your own fruit syrup.  You can choose any fruit you would like and make your own syrup in about a week.  See my recipe for apple plum syrup on this site.

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